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We love events, all sorts of events: industry events, leadership events, networking events. We love speaking, hosting and watching events. We love them so much we make it a priority to attend and organize as many as we can. See where we’re speaking next.

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Jeff McDonald at ARF SHOPPERxSCIENCE, 2018 in Chicago

At this year’s ARF SHOPPERxSCIENCE event, explore how CPG Brands and retailers can keep pace with consumers and implement winning solutions. You’ll take away the latest trends and evidence-based examples to succeed in a new world of bricks & clicks & swipes & voice. System1's Shopper Marketing guru Jeff McDonald will be setting out the case for fully 1mmersive shopper simulations.

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22.10.2018 to 23.08.2018

John Kearon at Planung & Analyse Insights 2018 in Frankfurt

Zero-Waste Marketing: Why Understanding Human Behaviour Is The Key To Smarter Marketing

Want to set some money on fire? Almost certainly not. But sadly, that’s what a lot of marketing spend amounts to. Whether you’re talking innovation, advertising, branding or shopper, marketing that doesn’t influence human behaviour is marketing that doesn’t work. Marketing that creates profitable growth with zero waste should be every brand’s ambition. But to get there, you have to know how people decide. This keynote presentation looks at the mental short-cuts that drive human decision-making, and how to turn them into predictive measures. It also explores how technological change means marketers can finally test everything, accurately and effectively, to determine where to place their budget. The old saying “Half my marketing spend is wasted – I just don’t know which half” doesn’t have to be true. And in the world of zero-waste marketing, it won’t be.


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22.08.2018 to 23.08.2018

Mark Johnson System1 Group & Jérôme Rueff, Feldschlösschen/Carlsberg at Werbewirkungsgipfel, 2018 in Frankfurt

Awakening Bilz, the sleeping beauty of shandy

Bilz is a non-alcoholic Radler/shandy brand that’s been in Switzerland for decades and now belongs to the Feldschlösschen Getränke AG, a subsidiary of Carlsberg group. The brand has enjoyed modest but steady growth through the years without much support. Probably because of its well-known status and, say ‘Bilz’, and everyone smiles.
This case study looks at how Carlsberg and System1 collaborated to wake up this ‘sleeping beauty’. The campaign (digital + experiential) breaks in April 2018 so we shall have in-market results by August. But what we already know is that the creative performed at a rare 5 Star level in System1’s quantitative test, putting it among the top 5% of our database.


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25.07.2018 to 26.07.2018

Celia Nishio at IIeX Latin America 2018 in Santiago

How Behavioral Science can Eliminate $300 Billion in Annual Marketing Waste

Every year approximately $660bn is spent on advertising globally. Shockingly as much as half of that amount can be considered waste and only 5% is the rare 5-star creative that drives maximum profitable growth. Join us for this session to learn how a combination of behavioral science with industrial scale automation can help our industry move toward marketing that makes a difference and eliminates waste.

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11.06.2018 to 12.06.2018

John Kearon at BVM Kongress in Germany

John Kearon (CEO) will be speaking about the “True Market Picture” in advertising at the BVM Kongress in Hamburg. He'll be answering the question: “what happens when we test everything?”

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John Kearon and Rod Connors at IIeX London, 2018

John Kearon (CEO) and Rod Connors (Managing Director) will be speaking at IIeX Behaviour London, 2018. John will be be discussing "Behavioral Science & Advertising Effectiveness" at 4PM and Rod will cover "Applying Behaviour Science" at 9:40AM. This conference is designed to keep your business one step ahead of the curve by implementing the most cutting-edge technology and tools in the insights arena.

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Alex Hunt at NEXT

Alex Hunt (President - Americas, System1 Research) will be speaking on a panel on “The Past, Present and Future of Behavioral Science” at NEXT, 2018. The panel will be looking at how market researchers can leverage developing techniques to better understand consumers' true underlying attitudes and motivations.

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17.04.2018 to 19.04.2018

Orlando Wood at World Retail Congress, Madrid

Orlando Wood will be speaking at the World Retail Cogress in Madrid on the 17th April at 10:20. Alongside three other presenters, he'll be looking at "Advertising strategies for the new consumer age: Planning your campaign to deliver the ultimate Golden Quarter."

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John Bishop on Unlocking Profitable Brand Growth: Applying Behavioural Science to System1 Brand Tracking

John Bishop (Vice President) will be the trainer on the webinar "Neuroscience: Going deeper for deeper insights", hosted by MRS Evidence Matters on Tuesday, 14 November at 3:00pm GMT (10:00am EST). He will provide a brief overview of Behavioural Science as it relates to marketing and demonstrate its impact on the predictive power of market research. He will use examples from a recent case study of the Fame, Feeling & Fluency brand tracker for several television and streaming networks. 

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07.11.2017 to 08.11.2017

John Kearon, Alex Hunt, Paul Spriggs and Gabriel Aleixo at IIeX

John Kearon (CEO), Alex Hunt (President, System1 Research), Paul Spriggs (President - Americas, System1 Agency) and Gabriel Aleixo (Managing Director - LatAm, System1 Research) will all be speaking at IIeX Applied Behavioral Science Conference in Chicago on November 7th and 8th. This conference is designed to keep your business one step ahead of the curve by implementing the most cutting-edge technology and tools in the insights area. 

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30.10.2017 to 30.10.2017

Tom Ewing at Viz-Fest

See Tom Ewing present at Viz-Fest 2017 - a week-long webinar series that brings together market leading experts from both agency and client-side fields to explore data visualization, insight communications, and its importance in the changing market research landscape.

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Brent Snider at TMRE

Brent Snider (President - North America) will be speaking at TMRE on Monday, October 23rd in Orlando, Florida. He will present "The Long and Short of Digital", part of the Winning Over the Savvy Consumer Track. He will be discussing how both long AND short-term effects are important...and achievable. 

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John Kearon at RESET 2017

John Kearon (CEO) will speak at Asia's biggest conference of the year - RESET 2017 presented by AANA in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday, 17 October. John will join a list of international speakers in thought-provoking sessions to encourage marketers to disrupt their thinking of traditional marketing practices.

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Orlando Wood at EffWeek 2017

Orlando Wood (CIO) will be speaking at the EffWeek in a satellite event on Marketing Effectiveness in the Digital Era. Orlando will discuss memorable and fluent devices and how they can create growth for the long-term in the digital era.

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John Kearon at MRS Conference: Driving Transformation Through Insight

John Kearon (CEO) will be speaking at the MRS Conference Driving Transformation Through Insight on Thursday, October 5th in London. John will be presenting "Transforming Communications: Getting to the Heart of Giving" with  Jo Cooke (Director of Brand, Marketing from Cancer Research UK). They will share examples of the application of 'System 1' thinking helped to increase the effectiveness of Cancer Research UK marketing. 

John will also be speaking on the panel for "The Innovation Debate" where he will share how System1 continues to innovate and transform within the business, providing lessions brands can learn from. 


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10.09.2017 to 13.09.2017

John Kearon at ESOMAR Congress

John Kearon (CEO) will be on the Programme Committee for the ESOMAR Congress 2017 in Amsterdam on 10-13 September. ESOMAR will be celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2017.

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12.09.2017 to 12.09.2017

Alex Hunt, Orlando Wood & Tom Ewing at ESOMAR Congress

Alex Hunt (President), Orlando Wood  (CIO) & Tom Ewing (Senior Director - Labs) will present "Moving Power, Not Stopping Power" at ESOMAR Congress at 13:50. This presentation moves virtual reality beyond 'proof of concept' and into real shopper insight with a 500-person sample and a powerful testing case study. Learn how to bring the virtual to life!

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Tom Ewing at 2017 ADMA Global Forum

Tom Ewing (Senior Director, Labs) will be speaking at the 2017 ADMA Global Forum on Thursday, August 24th in Sydney. He will present on the effectiveness of emotional advertising and why emotional work helps companies unlock profitable brand growth.

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20.08.2017 to 20.08.2017

John Kearon at The Marketing Academy Summer Campus

Delegates will hear from CEO’s, including System1's John Kearon, CMO’s, subject matter experts and will also get to share the experience with peers from across the entire industry, building connections and relationships that will last into the future. The Marketing Academy is a non profit company operating in UK, Australia and USA: 'Inspiring and developing the talent of today to become the leaders of tomorrow'

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Alex Hunt at OmniShopper 2017

Alex Hunt (President, System1 Research) will be speaking at OmniShopper 2017 in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Tuesday, June 20th. He will present on the topic "Moving Power Not Stopping Power: Using Virtual Reality to Understand the Impact of In-store Activations on the System1 Shopper".

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Nathan Waechter at IIeX North America 2017

Nathan Waechter (Associate Vice President) will be speaking at IIeX North America on Monday, June 12th in Atlanta, GA with Sion Agami (Research Fellow, Fem Care) from P&G. He will present on the topic "The Double Bind of Market Research and the Journey for Insights Innovation within P&G".

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Brent Snider at the FEI Conference

Brent Snider (President - North America) will be speaking at the FEI Conference on Wednesday, May 10th in Boston. He will be presenting on "Science Fiction Prototyping: Practical Advice How to Leverage Science Fiction to Drive Business Results" with Ari Popper (Founder and CEO) of SciFutures.

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Seamus O'Farrell at Campaign Underground

Seamus O'Farrell (Director of Planning and Strategy) will be speaking at Campaign Underground on Wednesday, April 26th at 6 PM. The topic of his presentation is "Chapter IV: This thing kills as many men as breast cancer does women" and he will be speaking about creating a category and brand for Prostate Cancer UK using Fame, Feeling, and Fluency. 

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David Whitelam at ISBA insights

David Whitelam (Head of New Client Development) along with Ian White (Head of Brand and Marketing Communications) at Tesco Bank spoke at the ISBA Insights event in Edinburgh on Wednesday, March 15th. He spoke about emotion being at the heart of successful advertising and addressed common advertising myths.

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